An Email to my CEO

Last night, the VP at my firm and I took out some consultants for happy hour hobnobbing.  Booze has that rare, elixir quality of making me more emotive in writing.  So, I sped home as rushed as I was to unburden my thoughts into words as I was my– shall we put it delicately– vesicle’s urethal contents into the can.

Context of email: It was a conversation I had with my CEO in passing earlier in the day that made me remember everyone from the “top dogs” to the office peons are human and in need at some point of something from us– whether it’s something as tangible– something dollar-value like bringing a new account to the team– or something as liquid as bolstering morale.  In this case, it was the latter.

[ Cue Outlook > Compose New Email.]

From: Angela Liu
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2014 9:19 PM
To: [omitted CEO’s name]

I always enjoy our sporadic conversations.  I’ve always felt a certain professional kinship to you, and I think it’s because I feel like we both have our hearts in this place.  We are invested at all levels– emotionally and all other aspects– into this business.  And, so, regardless of any of our lapses, vices, and mistakes, our heart is in the right place.  This intensity of investment is one of our strengths and also one of our weaknesses.  We have to be that much more careful in making a conscious daily effort to both safeguard and nurture our mindsets.  We are as easily prone to being as disheartened as we are to being emboldened and invigorated.  It is usually a roller-coaster ride for people like us.

Here’s what I wholeheartedly believe: Our inner world is everything; it is everything that will shape our outer world.  Our outer world will follow and mirror our inner world.   My success thus far has largely been due to this awareness.  There’s a sharp divergence in the mentalities of the ‘have’s’ and the ‘not have’s’ class in that the former look at everything as within the realm of a control, a matter of not if but when.  I’ve studied carefully the mindset of the successful.  I’ve striven and struggled to abide by that inner world that will, in effect, help me to continue looking at every failure/obstacle as an opportunity to recreate myself and grow bigger than my problems; to see ‘forward progress as an inside game when one is discovering new limits;’ to keep learning how to remain in the driver’s seat and continually, assertively script and re-script my journey.

A few relevant quotes:

Don’t get disheartened. If you get disheartened, it’s over. Don’t ever underestimate the value of enthusiasm. Sometimes it’ll be all you have.

What we begin with, in our thoughts, we end up with both internally and externally.  No matter what our roadblocks and whom our nemesis and whatever vendettas are being hatched in honor of us, we have to remember all that matters– that wherever our focus goes, so our energy flows.  “What you focus on and your pattern for doing so shapes your entire life.  The quality of your life is controlled by the meaning you give what happens to you.  When people shift their habitual focus and meanings, there’s no limit on what life can become.

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream in the dark recesses of the night awake in the day to find all was vanity. But the dreamers of day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, and make it possible.”

I believe that if we keep fighting to keep this type of mindset at the forefront, if we keep focusing on the positive forces versus the negative forces that are out to get us, we will keep gaining strength in a beautifully cyclical way; we will believe we can keep achieving success and, by doing so, keep wanting to and enjoying the process of achieving success, and the rest will take care of itself.

[Email sent.]

Decided to go a half step further and pass it along to some of my management/associates with the caveat:

The following is a terribly long-winded diatribe of intangible ideals but you all know my fondness for that sort of spouting.  And it’s somewhat relevent (I have a weakness for haphazardly trying to connect dots), so I’m forwarding this along as a  ‘reining-in-the-end-of-the-year’ type of message and closing out of year 2014.

(P.S. Keep your eye-rolling and chortles to yourself; thanks!)

[Email forwarded.]

My email didn’t elicit from my CEO a fist-pump like the one he’d given me earlier in the day when I, in the most somber tone, told him that my Quarter 1 of 2015 business year would be a Corporate “War of the Worlds.”   But he did come by my desk today to thank me.



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