The short life of my resume consulting

A short while ago, I had this idea to do freelance resume-consulting on the side. Supposition: As a technical recruiter, I look at hundreds of resumes a week and spend a fair amount of time formatting, improving upon, tearing down and building from scratch resumes.  Some author of some book I mean to purchase and read said “To be human is to sell.”   Your resume is your quick-read playbook of all that you are worth from a money, professional standpoint.  I first had the idea to ‘sell’ my services when a job seeker told me he his company had footed the bill for a professional’s $400 edit of his resume.  Not quite sure if that ‘edit’ was such in terms of aesthetics/presentation or something more fundamental and conceptual.  Whatever the case or outcome, the 3 digit figure a pop seemed like a justification of a peripheral source of income.   The intuitive reader would have picked up on the connotation of the ‘seemed’ in full rightfulness.  Because here’s what I found. A resume is the magnificent yet teetering Tower of Pisa pregnant in its possibility to both appease statement and risk-aversion.  People most often end up subduing and muting the power of their voice in their resume.  There’s this belief that you have to adhere to a structure and practice– that it’s better to be mind-numbingly politically correct and monolithic than to risk offending a reader with an over-encroachment of one’s self.  I realized that more of my task was in helping others to think newly.  And,yet, most people figure that consultation means a complete surrender of a will, thought, being– not realizing that what they need most is a bold willful statement and fight for who they are, what they do, and who they impact.  My job is to wake you up.  But the majority of you resent me for threatening to jar you into this realm of consciousness– for challenging you to think.  This type of thinking– this type of awareness of your imprint– has nothing to do with hours of framing correct verbage.  It has nothing to do with your feeling that I’ve betrayed or shorted you in making you work for your consciousness.   I can’t give you a story without you knowing or telling me your story.  A resume consultant (or any consultant for this matter) is not some Saint Mary baring breast to an infant, not some nominative figure to a subject, not some microwave-like remedy to your deficiencies.  Real fruit is going to be from the sweat of both our brows.  So, if some consultant ever hand-feeds you the ‘elixar’  in the form of some boom-boom-boom compendium without the bleeding and blessing of your true self, understand that you’ve only paid for a house built on sand, a first coat of paint, sheep’s clothing.


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