Second Go of My Resume Consulting: What to Expect

resume comic

A few short entries ago, I wrote about  “The Short Life of my Resume Consulting” (acknowledging it was perhaps a bit harsh).

At the end of the day, I do like helping others. Adding value is a good feeling. So, I’m going to restore my services.  To keep the shelf-life of my services running, I am going to set up expectations to all prospective clients. If the following does not work for you, move on. (And, if you have enlisted my services before and feel like there’s critism directed towards you in between the lines of my expectation-setting, you are probably right that it’s not just a feeling.)

A few points you need to know before working with me:

  • I look at hundreds of resumes a week.  (There have even been times I’ve pored through thousands of resumes in all 50 states in the US with a matter of a day or a few days– bringing new meaning to the cutely hyperbolic saying: “eyes bleed”.)  I spend a fair amount of time formatting, improving upon resumes or building them from scratch.  I’ve observed how different hiring managers gravitate towards and away from different resumes. Thus, my services are as follows: “resume and/or cover letter edits/tweaks/proofreads  typically averaging $30-$60 and “tear downs/rebuilds” for $60 to $120 depending on complexity.   I may even throw in some pro-bono job-hunting leads, career counseling, or a pep talk as I see fit.
  • From my understanding, ‘market’ rate on fees tied to this type of service are almost ridiculously expensive. (See one breakdown of the average resume related services: ). I remember one of my candidates telling me his company shelled out $400 for resume editing. Fees are usually in the 3 digits which I think is an over-value. My goal is to provide similar services at way-below- market costs.  At the same time, I think there’s a value-to-cost disconnect in another diametrically different way in that some of the people who’ve come to me so far don’t seem to realize how much work and thought goes into even mere recommendations and suggestions. This brings me to my next point below.
  • Note: Sometimes my services will be as simple as delivering you a ‘product’ neatly bow-tied without you lifting a finger. In some other cases, usually where I see a ‘muted’ voice and at- fault humility, more of my task will involve helping you to reframe your thinking which will require some legwork on your part (for example, picking up the phone and letting me help you talk through your accomplishments, impacts, and quantifiables). In such a situation, if you don’t see the value or time for your own legwork, I may not want to nor be able to help you.
  • I encourage you to take everything here with a grain of salt. Each resume-consulting professional may give you different opinions– re-illustrating the gray realm in which these best practices dwell. In fact, if you disagree on or question any of my opinions, I encourage you to bring them up because opposing viewpoints are great ways for both of us to further reflect, expand and modify our perspectives, etc.
  • Post-delivery of my services, I welcome any and all of the following: If pleased, refer my services and/or write me a LinkedIn recommendation (no pressure however). If you see ways in which I can improve my services, take to heart that I welcome ‘harsh’ criticism as a way for me to continue growing.

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