Boredom and a New Hiring Ad

I get bored quickly.  This accounts for why, in recruiting, I can’t stick to one hiring swim-lane.  I am (in a co-worker’s words) the “sniper-recruiter” that flits from searching for data scientists to mortgage underwriters that likes sinking her teeth into polka-dot unicorn type of treasure hunts– stuff that’s puzzling, and makes me dig in new ways.   By and large, if a resume bores me I don’t bother. That may sound harsh and you may liken my ‘sin’ to an archetypal Kinder user’s superficiality in swiping a Plain Jane leftwards.   All I can say it tends to work, and, hopefully the following is said more out of legit conviction than hubris but I think it generally also works for my clients.

So, anyways, I am always looking for everyone under the sun. Well, on paper, everyone.  At core, the very opposite.  My Dice account is littered with a chain-link of job postings and saved queries which doesn’t address this paradoxical need.  I spent this morning gobbling up Douglas Edward’s narrative of Google’s early days in “I’m Feeling Lucky: The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59” (it’s the tech-nerd version of an ‘action film’ read).  Google’s general hiring philosophy is well-known; still, revisits and refreshes of the known are good and new things too.  If the “core” of someone in my recruiting is so important, why not overtly address the fact?  So, here’s a first try.  Your comments welcome.

(Do a search on – plug in a DC metro area code like 20190 and you may find my ad as excerpted below.)

To copy Google’s words: “You’re brilliant. We’re hiring.”

In full disclosure, we are trying something new instead of the traditional job posting. Hiring across tech fields: DevOps, AWS gurus, Pattern-Big Data, OpenStack, UI folks, etc. NoSQL, REST API, Puppet, …the skills we want go on and on.

More important than your skill set is YOU. You are good in your field but are not afraid to retool because you know we can’t predict the next growth or fire in today’s world.   You are the ‘generalist’ that moves from A to B with excitement to the next cool unknown. You need to solve real-world problems. You want to swim on the deep exciting end with other sharp, open-minded flexible people. You are dabbling with code on Github, learning Scala or AngularJS or something new to you, while doing your tried and true thing in coding Java or whatever. Doesn’t matter if you are not that example we mentioned. You get the idea.

If you truly identified with what you just read, email your resume and we’ll partner with you in bringing the right stuff to you, tailored to you.



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